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New Security Tagging System

Stop Theft Models have introduced a security tagging system designed specifically for railway modellers. The system is based around a simple to install miniature transponder that can be hidden in the locomotive and programmed with a unique code to give permanent identification.
The digital transponder is smaller than a fivepence piece and can be concealed on even the smallest of locomotives. Once the registration form is returned, the owner’s details are entered onto a central database. The transponder works by emitting a signal when passed over by a police scanner. With over 3,000 scanners already issued nationwide, not only can recovered items be examined, but pro-active ‘sweeps’ of fairs and swapmeets can be carried out by ‘loading’ a scanner with details of items stolen in the area, making it even more difficult to sell on stolen goods. The price is £12.99 per unit with discounts available for those wishing to purchase a number of tags to protect their collection.
For further details contact: Stop Theft Models Ltd, First Floor, Unit 12, Mill Road, Radstock, Bath BA3 5TX. Tel: 01761 439994. Trade enquiries: 01383 610820.
email: Sales@Stoptheftmodels.co.uk
Website: www.stoptheftmodels.co.uk

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