A Lineside look

John Emerson dips into his modeller's notebook to bring the second in an occasional series of 'A Lineside look'
There are now some very nice signal kits on the market, but try
'cross-kitting' to produce some different versions and so customise your layout. Although these ideas are based on 4mm scale models, the principle can be adapted for all scales. Observation of the real thing and careful placement of details are the key to adding realism.
In 4mm scale you can make these scenes from

Colour Light Signals:
Eckon (available from most model shops)

Signal Kits:
Ratio (available from most model shops)

AWS Ramps:
Peco (available from most model shops)

Railmatch Lithoplan Road & Rail Signs (Trackside Signs), Relay Boxes, Lineside Telephones, Track Circuit Detection Equipment:
Howes Models Ltd, 12 Banbury Road, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 2BT
01865 848000 (Shop hours 9.30am-5.00pm, closed Weds/Sun)
LEDs, connectors, wire, etc:
ALL Components, PO Box 94, Hereford HR2 8YN
01981 540781 (answering service after 8.00pm)
Kent Panel Controls, Dept BRM8, PO Box 59, Edenbridge, Kent YN8 5ZN
0345 57 36 89 (local rate)

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Last update: 6 August 1999