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In the early issues of British Railway Modelling, my aim was to present as many different aspects of our hobby as possible within the publication, from the historical to the present day scene. As the magazine became established, through our surveys we were informed that the majority of readers would prefer to see more practical modelling content and less space devoted to what was seen as the 'collecting' element of the hobby. This we did, but have included the occasional 'Archive' feature such as Robert Kelly's splendidly evocative study of Tri-ang Railways' 'Glory Years' in the October issue this year. We also kept some regular features in a 'scaled down' format such as Mike Ennis' 'Auction Report' and Russell Bennett's 'Mint Boxed Guide' since these had a genuine following amongst some BRM readers (democracy at work!). From this issue, you will find their monthly reports and extended coverage of archive topics within our FREE supplement 'Classic British Railway Modelling'. This does not represent a change of direction for BRM - indeed the supplement will free-up valuable, further space within the magazine itself - and is intended as additional 'value for money' for our readers. I hope that you will welcome its inclusion and I am sure you will let me know your thoughts about its approach and what you would like to see amongst its content. Personally, while I have nothing but praise for the superb modelling standards achieved today, I have always had an interest in the history of railway modelling itself (just as I have an interest in the history of the real thing pre-dating my first encounters with railways). Certainly the recent Tri-ang article generated a lot of interest and some thoughtful correspondence.
Talking of Tri-ang reminds me that this is a December-dated issue and if you're buying Christmas presents for youngsters (or the young at heart) don't forget the traditional trainset and help promote the positive ideals of model railways. And if your offspring or relations are computer fans then how about Hornby's 'Virtual Railway' CD-ROM? From this month you could have a FREE copy if your letter is published in the magazine. It's certainly worth a try - we've had a go here and had some fun! And the writer of the 'star' letter of the month will receive their choice of loco from the current Hornby range.
For those in search of answers to technical queries, information on all aspects of modelling, prototype information or even those hard to find models, our website has a new interactive bulletin board. 'Train Enquiries' is the place where readers can post questions and stretch their fellow modeller's knowledge, or email the answers and show how smart they are! We hope you will take advantage of this new facility on this website, and some of the more interesting problems and queries may well end up in the pages of BRM itself.
Happy modelling.


Cornwall Gauge O Group Annual Exhibition
The Cornwall Group of The Gauge O Guild holds their annual exhibition at The Public Rooms, Mount Folly Square, Bodmin, Cornwall on Saturday December 9 from 10.00am-5.00pm. go

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